Priority outcomes

SKYCITY Auckland Community Trust’s vision is:

Supporting families to thrive and communities to prosper

In order to achieve this vision, the Trust will prioritise funding to organisations whose work will achieve one or more of the following outcomes:

  1. Financial Capability
    Families are financially confident, independent and can mitigate debt and debt-causing behaviours.
  2. Employment and Economic Prosperity for Families
    Families can generate their own income through the attainment and/or enhancement of work-related skills and training, enterprise and access to work.
  3. Pathways to Employment and Economic Prosperity
    Young people are supported to thrive at every stage of their development towards a successful and prosperous adulthood.
    Children, young people and families have access to education, are supported in educational pathways and achieve educational success.
  4. Healthy and Stable Families
    Families develop attitudes, behaviours and skills that play a positive role in improving their health, safety and resilience.

Priority recipients

Part of SKYCITY Auckland Community Trust’s vision for thriving communities is that the charitable organisations that serve these communities are also able to thrive.

  • The Trust will prioritise funding to recipient organisations that will derive the most organisational development benefits from its grant funding – i.e. where recipients can demonstrate that Trust funding will assist their organisational learning and sustainability. 
  • The Trust will also prioritise funding for applications where a community-led and/or collaborative approach can demonstrate greater opportunity for long-term sustainability.
  • The Trust is giving more thought to the size of charities we support.  The Trustees have a preference to support mid-sized charities rather than large, established and/or well-funded service providers with extensive Government contracts. 

Priority target groups

SKYCITY Auckland Community Trust will prioritise funding to support the following target groups:

  • Children, young people, single parents and/or those living in a low income household.
  • Those living in areas of high deprivation across Auckland and the Far North.
  • Those with few or no qualifications, low literacy levels, and/or beneficiaries.