Sky Tower recommends a supervision ratio of one adult to every six to eight children aged up to 14 years. For the most effective class size, we recommend groups comprise 60 people or less.


Students will be required to carry any belongings they bring with them at all times. We suggest that schoolbags are left at school/on the bus, or shared between students.


Upon arrival, please proceed to the ticket desk in the Sky Tower entry gallery.


Payment is required on arrival and can be made by cash, credit card or school cheque. Please make all cheques out to SKYCITY Auckland Ltd. The person who presents the cheque will also be asked to present personal identification e.g. Drivers License, passport etc.

Education guides

No guide will be provided unless arranged prior. Contact the Sky Tower educator to request a guide.


Please ensure your students have appropriate activities and resources to complete during their visit; in the event of bad weather we can provide additional worksheets.