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SKYA7886 Bellota Meet The Team Photos Carlos

Meet Carlos 

Bellota Manager

Originally from Chile with Spanish heritage from his father, Carlos loves Spanish culture and the most importantly the food.  He brings with him the passion and energy of Spanish people, don’t be surprised if you see him dancing or singing around the restaurant. Carlos, Ernest and Holly make a great team and love to have fun at work so please come and meet them. Carlos can be contacted on

His favourite dish:

Carlos is a food enthusiast which is why he spends so much of his spare time at the gym! At the moment he’s falling in love with the new Bellota Pinxto Platter which has a variety of 5 different Pinxtos for only $29.95 which is a great value. He says that he could easily have two of them by himself, but don’t tell Ernest that!

SKYA7886 Bellota Meet The Team Photos Ernest

Meet Ernest 

Bellota Head Chef

The knowledgeable and passionate Ernest has had a love of food since he was 10, learning everything he could from his grandmother and mother. After stints in a few Barcelona restaurants Ernest moved to New Zealand and found a little pocket of Spain at Bellota. What makes him feel so at home? The food is just like that he grew up with.

His favourite dish:
Paella with a great Spanish white wine.

SKYA7886 Bellota Meet The Team Photos Holly

Meet Holly

Bellota Duty Manager

Holly brings with her 10 years experience working in the hospitality industry and thoroughly enjoys the atmosphere at Bellota. Spain was a regular holiday destination for her when she used to live in England. She enjoys the culture of bringing together friends and family whilst having food and drink. Being at Bellota brings back those good memories.

Her favourite dish:

Holly’s favourite dishes at Bellota at the moment are the Pintxo Platter (especially the duck pate with fig), and the goat’s cheese balls which have been her favourite form the beginning!

SKYA8443 Bellota Meet The Team Tile _Vanessa 1.0Ÿ

Meet Vanessa

Bellota Duty Manager

Vanessa is from Venezuela, which is on the top part of South America. Basically from the tropical part! She loves music, especially salsa and merengue, this is what she loves most about working at Bellota because it always makes her feel at home. It also creates a great atmosphere that allows her to create her cocktails with more flavour and passion while dancing! Her friends describe her as a enthusiastic, friendly and happy person. Vanessa has more than 6 years experience in the hospitality industry and loves interacting with customers at Bellota and sharing a little bit of her country with them!

Her favourite dish:

Vanessa’s favourite dish at Bellota is the chorizo pintxo and empanadas, both of them are very popular in Venezuela!