The Poker Room Royal Jackpot currently stands at:

The Royal Jackpot will increase with each hand dealt in a Texas Hold’em cash game in the Poker Room until a lucky poker player is dealt a winning hand.

Each time the jackpot is won, a new jackpot will start and be ready and waiting for the next lucky Poker player.

Check out what jackpots have been won so far as part of the Royal Jackpot:
22 December 2018 - $15,875
13 December 2017 - $13,781.66
15 December 2017 - $5,314.14
25 January 2018 - $11,017
1 October 2018 – $46,705
13 October 2018 - $6,852

How can I win the jackpot?

To be in to win, simply play in a Texas Hold’em cash game in the Poker Room. If you’re dealt a Royal Flush on the flop you’ll win the entire jackpot amount!

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