He Returned on A Snowy Night

Daily, 01 November 2019 to 02 November 2019


In the 1920s on a cold snowy night, a man stumbles into Hongji's garden, holding a withered tree searching for lost souls...

Twenty years ago, Peking-Opera actor Liansheng fascinated the city. Not only he was friends with the upper-class, he often assisted the poor. Chief Justice Hongji happily attracted his wealth by smuggling opium. He married his fourth concubine Yuchun who was a former prostitute. With a free heart, Yuchun was not to be caged. She urged to learn Opera to meet Liansheng. They clicked once sharing their deep seeded misery and planned for an elopement.

Suspected by Xingui, a steward recommended to Hongji by Liansheng. The sycophantic steward warned Hongji of the elopement. With instruction, Xingui took several thugs and stopped Yuchun on her way to freedom, while Liansheng was caught and banished.

20 years later, Liansheng returned to his city only to realize that nothing will ever change.

This show is in Chinese Mandarin, a detailed English program will be provided to audience.

Price: $39 (early bird) | $45-$55

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