Your Exclusive Reward

SUNDAY 27 May 2018

Braven Stryde 360 Bluetooth Speaker worth $169 (RRP) or $100 in Bonus Play Chips

To be eligible for your reward: Earn 100 Premier Points or more playing Table Games in EIGHT from 7am-midnight on Sunday 27 May.

Then print your voucher from the Premier Rewards Kiosk in EIGHT and collect your choice of reward in EIGHT from 2pm-midnight on Sunday 27 May.

Exclusive to SKYCITY Premier Rewards Platinum and VIP Black Table Games cardholders.




价值$169(建议零售价)的Braven Stryde 360蓝牙音箱或$100奖金筹码

如何赢取礼品:只要在5月27日星期日早7点至午夜12点期间,在EIGHT玩桌面游戏,取得100个或更多点数(Premier Points),即有资格赢取礼品。

然后,在EIGHT的Premier Rewards自助机打印您的礼品兑换券,并于5月27日星期日下午2点至午夜12点期间领取您选择的礼品。

仅限天空城Premier Rewards Platinum和VIP Black桌面游戏持卡人参加。


You must be 20 years or over to enter the Casino. Game Responsibly.

Terms & Conditions

Limit of one reward per qualifying SKYCITY Premier Rewards Platinum or VIP Black Table Games cardholder per reward day, subject to availability. Rewards are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash and/or Premier Points.  

Please remember that children under the age of 14 years must not be left unattended at SKYCITY. Should any child be left unattended on-site, the Police may be notified accordingly and their caregiver may be excluded from entering SKYCITY's premises for a period of up to two years.

SKYCITY is a responsible host. If you wish to discuss your Gaming, please talk to a SKYCITY staff member or call the Gambling Helpline on 0800 654 655. For more information, please contact the SKYCITY Shift Manager on 0800 SKYCITY.


每位有资格的天空城Premier Rewards Platinum桌面游戏持卡人或VIP Black桌面游戏持卡人在每个抽奖日仅限赢取1件礼品,礼品数量有限,送完即止。礼品不可调换或兑换现金及/或点数。


天空城主张理性游戏。如果您想要与我们探讨您的游戏状况,请与天空城的工作人员联系,或者拨打游戏帮助热线 (Gambling Helpline) 0800 654 655。欲了解更多信息,请致电0800 SKYCITY (0800 759 2489) 联系天空城的值班经理。