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Dancing Bee Raikou Louisiana Coffee


AKIRA OHKI – Bartender


In 1494 Christopher Columbus discovered All Spice berries in Jamaica. Seedlip - the world’s first distilled non‑alcoholic spirit - also source their berries exclusively from here, hence calling their first product ‘Spice 94’.

Columbus also brought pineapple back to Spain in that same year, giving the two fruits a long-standing history of being paired together. Hence the Seedlip is served with pineapple and a delicious Peach & Houjicha (Japanese Roasted Green Tea) foam.

Partly inspired by Dry July, and with these long voyages in mind, I named this mocktail ‘Raikou’, meaning ship arrival in Japanese.


MASU by Nic Watt
90 Federal Street
Daily 12pm-late

Subject to availability of ingredients.


  • 1 oz Seedlip spice 94
  • 2 oz Pineapple
  • 0.5 oz lime
  • Peach and Houjicha Espuma
    • 100ml peach puree
    • 50ml Houjicha
    • 6g gelatin


  1. Put pineapple into shaker tin and muddle
  2. Add spice 94 and lime juice and shake
  3. Pour into ceramic cup
  4. Combine espuma ingredients in a siphon and pump foam into cup
  5. Put houjicha leaves on the top
  6. Pour houjicha over dry ice and place cup on the top