Mammoth Winemaker’s Dinner

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Join Michael Glover of Mammoth* for a five-course wine-matching dinner at MASU. The beautiful, organic wines will be perfectly matched with Chef Nic Watt’s seasonal menu from the land and sea, using the best of New Zealand produce.

Five-course dinner $180pp
Please note this event is in our Private Dining Room, therefore, limited seats are available

For bookings email or (09) 363 6278

*Mammoth wines are proudly described as being organic, with no added enzymes, yeasts, colour and tannins, fining agents available ranging from isinglass (fish guts), egg whites, skim milk or PVPP. Just a friendly amount of sulfur is added, just as the Monks of Burgundy, and the Romans before them, did. The making process of their red wine includes fermentation with whole grape bunches (sometimes even in their white wines), meaning not removing the steam or breaking the berries and creating a unique and beautiful taste.

Terms & Conditions

Strictly R18. Host Responsibility limits apply. Payment must be made at the time of booking.