SKYCITY is proud to present the fabulous Cindy of Samoa, performing live for one night only!

Join Cindy for an extraordinary night of music and dancing, featuring special guests such as Diamond Entertainment, Men of Steel, the SKYCITY Christmas Rockettes, Michael Murphy, Drew Neemia and a performance by a gospel choir.

All proceeds go to Variety the Children’s Charity.

Born and raised in Samoa, the legendary Cindy has toured the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia and the US as a singer and dancer, and her performances of Whitney Houston and Tina Turner are true diva material.

“The world would be so much easier if we just accepted people as people. When you’re comfortable with yourself and accept yourself as who you are, then your confidence can shine and it doesn’t matter what people say or think. Nobody can touch you or hurt you. That’s why I’m a good performer. I’m comfortable with myself, more so today than before and that shows in my performance. They can see I’m just me.” Cindy of Samoa.

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