The Sky Tower is New Zealand's tallest man-made structure and the Southern Hemisphere's tallest free-standing structure. Based in the heart of Auckland, it is one of New Zealand's most recognisable landmarks. 

SKYCITY often lights the Sky Tower for charities or community initiatives that it supports financially, to mark national holidays, milestones or other celebrations or events, or as a symbol of respect or solidarity.

Common colours include:

  • Base turned off, top yellow/orange/red colors circulating - 50th Anniversary of the Special Olympics (Saturday 21 July)
  • Orange at the base fading to yellow at the top - Celebrating Matariki
  • Rainbow - Pride Festival and other major events for New Zealand’s Rainbow community
  • Pink - Mother's Day or New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Blue - SKYCITY Breakers
  • Red top with Poppy emblem projection - ANZAC Day and Poppy Appeal
  • Red and green - Christmas
  • Red and gold - Chinese New Year
  • Green - St Patrick's Day
  • Red top - Cure Kids Red Nose Day
  • Red - Valentine's Day
  • Lights off - Earth Hour

To submit a Sky Tower lighting request or to send us your ideas, please view our Sky Tower lighting policy page.

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